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help in time of need, Help: Looking to get diapers size 4 && wipes........ also needing $$$$ I have been

MzRisaR started this conversation
Looking to get diapers size 4 && wipes........ also needing $$$$ I have been through a lot and still going through it--- I just had 4 dr appts back to back yesterday and don't think its getting any better these days-- life is getting really hard I barely have change these days to scrape together--- If there is anyone who could help me PLEEEEEEEASE...

I don't care if its gift cards or whatever I need help--- I'm a single mom && yes I do have kids.. I'm in need of toiletries, household items, my kids need things themselves- I'm in need of stuff for myself but don't have the $$ to do anything.

I'm at my wits end to even ask anymore cause I'm NOT getting anywhere I start my class today so slowly starting to finish what I started && hoping I can recover to make it---- I've got a gastric peptic ulcer 8" wide and also found a larger size cyst in my ovaries.. been going for MRIz && xray's next is an EGD

Taking medication like its food for me these days--- Uuugh kids seem to NOT be to happy cause they would like to go see a movie or bowling or doing something && I can't provide ANY KIND OF FUN cause I have NO MONEY

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